Pond Design & Installation, Refurbishment And Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

Ongoing good practices increase the life expectancy of your pond or water feature. Once we have designed and installed (or Refurbished) your pond, regular maintenance keeps your pond looking its best for your pleasure. 

Not only do we provide maintenance for our existing pond and water feature clients, but also if you already have a pond/water feature you would like help keeping on top of, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have lots of very happy clients in both the domestic and commercial sector.

We can create a maintenance plan for your pond that suits you, allowing you to do as little or as much of the maintenance yourself. For new maintenance clients please see our process below.

Our Maintenance process

  • Send photos of pond/water feature including full measurements
  • Initial phone call at clients convenience.
  • In most cases a phone call and photos is sufficient to provide a quote
  • Client agreement and proposed date
  • Commencement of Maintenance schedule
  • Delighted client and balance invoice
  • Recommendations for the future

Maintenance pricing

All of our maintenance pricing is done on a case-by-case basis, but we appreciate how busy our potential clients can be, so we have provided below some starting prices for some of our services.

Standard Pond service

One of our most popular maintenance services we provide is a standard pond service. This usually includes any maintenance work that can be carried out on a pond without actually draining the pond. Examples of these would be, cleaning pumps and filters, trimming back plants, pond vacuuming etc. We do have a minimum charge for this service, which is £295 plus VAT, which includes up to 3-man hours on site and 30 minutes travelling each way within a 20mile radius. We do cover further a-field, however, any time over the 30mins travel will be included in the 3-man hours and there will be an additional charge based on mileage.

Full drain and clean

If your existing pond hasn’t had any regular maintenance for some time, often the best solution is to opt for a full drain and clean on the pond in order to get on top of the situation. This process involves draining the majority of the existing pond water into a holding pool and our main priority is safely transferring across any fish and wildlife. Even if the existing pond water seems dirty or green it is extremely important to keep this water as it contains beneficial bacteria that are crucial to a pond’s ecosystem.  Once the fish and wildlife are in the holding pool, we are then able to remove all of the excess organic waste from the bottom of the pond. Although not great for the pond, the organic waste is great for the rest of the garden, so in most cases we spread the organic waste out on borders nearby to the pond. This also allows any pond life that may be in the organic waste to find its way back to the pond. Once all of the organic waste is removed, we can then rinse out and vacuum the pond. When the pond is all nice and clean, we can transfer the existing pond water back into the pond, along with the fish and wildlife. Any tap water required to top up the pond will be treated with dechlorinator to make it safe for the fish and wildlife.

  • Ponds up to 3m by 2m by 0.6m deep starting from £590 plus VAT
  • Ponds up to 4m by 3m by 0.9m deep starting from £1,160 plus VAT
  • Ponds above 4m by 3m POA

Indicative pricing only – all final quotes are subject to a full site survey