Pond Design & Installation, Refurbishment And Maintenance

Water Feature Design and Installation

Our approach is simple – we replicate nature!

We design natural, organic water features that suit and enhance their environments. Where to place boulders / river rock / wood…how fast and where water should flow…where to plant and what plants to include…matching complementary materials…it is all part of providing a bespoke service. Each and every pond and water feature we design is unique, as it would be in nature. 

Our clients all have individual requirements, and we take great care in listening to what they want and creating a pond that will delight them for years to come. We also keep our clients fully updated throughout the project. All our ponds and water features can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Ecosystem Ponds
  • Pondless Waterfalls
  • Fountainscapes.

We have provided detail below for each of the three options. As we mentioned all our services are fully bespoke to each and every one of our clients, but we do appreciate having some price points is useful for our potential clients when budgeting for a pond/water feature, so we have also provided some starting price options below. These sizes are not restrictive, and we can install all our features to any custom size.

Ecosystem Ponds

Our Ecosystem Ponds are designed to replicate nature both visually and functionally. They have no man-made components visible and require very little maintenance. We can design our ecosystem ponds to support various species of fish from Goldfish through to Koi, or alternatively as dedicated wildlife ponds. 

We can incorporate streams, waterfalls, fountains, fish caves, wetlands, bog areas, rainwater harvesting, lights, rockeries and both aquatic and terrestrial plants within our designs. Ecosystem ponds allow us full creative freedom. 

  • 3m by 2m Ecosystem pond with small waterfall starting from £7,860 (inc VAT)
  • 4m by 3m Ecosystem pond with 1m waterfall/stream starting from £13,800 (inc VAT)
  • 5m by 4m Ecosystem pond with 1m waterfall/stream starting from £21,840 (inc VAT)

Indicative pricing only – all final quotes are subject to a full site survey

Pondless waterfalls

One of our favourite water features is the Pondless/Disappearing Waterfall. It is essentially the perfect water feature as it is child friendly, almost zero maintenance, and you get the sound and beauty of a waterfall in your garden. The Pondless Waterfall can be easily incorporated into almost any garden and does not require an existing slope

  • 1.5m long Pondless Waterfall starting from £4,980 (inc VAT)
  • 3m long Pondless Waterfall starting from £8,640 (inc VAT)
  • 5m long Pondless Waterfall starting from £11,700 (inc VAT)

Indicative pricing only – all final quotes are subject to a full site survey


Here at NicePonds we offer a wide range of custom made fountain options and we have lots of ways to get really creative, combining different elements. A Fountainscape is often the lowest maintenance option when it comes to water features and can be designed to have no standing water. These features often look their best when lit up at night, and we even have options to combine fire elements!

Our Design & Installation process:

  • Send us a Photo of potential locations for your pond/water feature
  • Initial phone call to discuss requirements and budget
  • Location survey / client consultation
  • Proposal with timescale and costings
  • Client agreement and deposit – Purchase of materials
  • Commencement of installation through to finish
  • Delighted client and balance invoice.