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Fountain improves water quality

18 August 2023 09:43 0 comment(s)

We were recently contracted to install a fountain and lighting in Grimsby by NE Lincolnshire Council. Councillor Philip Jackson (pictured with the fountain) said of the project, “As part of the Garth Lane Planning Application (including the slipway into Alexandra Dock and future work on the Riverhead) the new fountain installed on the River Freshney will help to improve water quality across Grimsby in line with NE Lincolnshire’s Green Agenda. As the Environment Agency have confirmed: the new attractive feature in the centre of town will aid aeration, reduce algae and protect the environment for local wildlife such as otters and water eels to revisit and flourish in the area.”

Matt explains some details of the project, “The fountain is an Oase Maxi 2 floating fountain, and we had a custom control panel made with timers for the fountain and lights and anemometer (wind sensor). The fountain, fuelled from renewable energy sources (green electric) has a flow rate of 39000 litres per hour. We took the fountain out to its location on a boat and managed to anchor it to the riverbed.”